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"I highly recommend Dr. Thakkar’s Homoeopathic treatment in certain surgical cases like corns & warts which recur even after surgery. But Homoeopathy gives marvelous results in such cases & gives complete cure."
Dr. Mehta
"I prefer Homoeopathic Treatment even in certain acute diseases like Malaria, Typhoid, Jaundice, Chickenpox, Viral Fever, Tonsillitis, etc."
Mr. Patel
"My kids are always safe under Homoeopathic Treatment."
Mrs. Baheti
"Now at every cycle, I am at ease & can do my routine work freely."
Miss. Roshni
"I got rid of my 12 years suffering from urticarla within few months of treatment."
Mr. Agarwal
"I got cured of my childhood Asthma within few months of Homoeopathic Treatment."
Mrs. Munshi
"My son's nature has become adjustable and co-operative after starting treatment."
Mrs. Sharma
"Though a dermatologist, I highly opt for homoeopathic treatment for cetain diseases like atopy, eczema, psoriasis."
Dr. Gandhi